Our basic interior detailing package takes your interior from dirty to looking freshly cleaned. We’ll clean everything from inside -out, front to rear to the best condition possible (seats and carpet will be vacuumed and steam cleaned, floor mats, door panels, door jambs, dashboard, vents, visor, windows, cup holder, space between the center console and seats) will all be thoroughly steam cleaned, and detailed.

We will make every effort to remove any stains that may be found within the car and do so to the best of our abilities. The elimination of all stains is not guaranteed as part of our standard cleaning package; nonetheless, we will make every effort to achieve this goal. The level of success in removing a stain is dependent on a variety of elements, such as the composition of the stain, the length of time it has been there, and the kind of material that the stain is on.


We try out the best of our cleaning abilities to remove any stains that are in the interior. It does not mean every single stain will be gone but again we will try our best, as being able to remove stains is based on the type of stain, how long it’s been there and the type of material that it’s on, many stains are not completely removed but 10x better with our Basic Interior Detailing Package.

Our Basic Interior Detailing Package includes steam cleaning and a MIRCO-Ban to help you limit the number of germs on the surfaces. Dressing of applicable interior will be applied, and fragrance upon request.

Here Is Our Basic Interior Detailing Process:

  1. Removing all items: Bag all personal items in the car so we can have a better cleaning process without items getting in our way and once we are done, we will put your personal items where they were.
  2. Thorough vacuum: All interiors will be vacuumed including the trunk.
  3. Steam cleaned: Seats and floor mats: steam cleaned, spray, agitate the stains with a drill brush, and steam cleaned.
  4. Clean vinyl, plastic, and leather – Use brushes, pads, and compressed air to deep clean plastic surfaces like door panels, center console, cup holders, etc.
  5. Clean windows and mirrors: We’ll clean and wipe down all interior glass and mirrors.
  6. Final Details – Before we turn the vehicle in, we will thoroughly check for any missed areas or areas that we can improve.

Better results than your $10 car wash and leaving your vehicle looking shiny and glossy with a layer of protection that helps protect against the harsh Austin Weather.

If you would like greater results, you can add Engine Cleaning or some of our additional services.

Tasks to be performed:

  • Thoroughly vacuum the Interior and trunk
  • Seat and carpet steam cleaned
  • Steering wheel compartment, instrument cluster, and side panels cleaned
  • Space between the center console and seats vacuum steam cleaned
  • Door panels, and door jambs steam cleaned
  • Floor mats, and door panels steam cleaned
  • Dashboard, vents, visor, windows, and cup holder steam cleaned
  • All cracks and crevices cleaned
  • All panels applied with a shine dressing

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