14 May
How to keep your car’s paint maintained after a heavy rainfall
If you care about maintaining the resale value of your car, you should know that rainwater contains acidic pollutants that can eat away at the paint. To protect the paint on your vehicle from this acidic pollution, it’s best to give it a thorough wash after every rainfall.


Tips for preserving car paint after a downpour
1) After each rainfall, wash your car immediately, or spray water on your car to remove dirt and grime, to avoid stubborn stains, also for the concern of residual water that might cause rust.
2) Avoid parking your vehicle directly under the sunlight after it has rained, because, the rainfall stains may dry quickly, and sink deep into your car paint, potentially damaging the color of your car. It’s also recommended that you should avoid, parking your car under the trees, since debris such as leaves or branches could potentially damage your vehicle.
3) Do not rush to wipe your car immediately after the rain, because, the dust and sand on the surface of the car could cause scratches, instead, rinsing the car with clean water and drying it off will preserve its car paint.
4) As its recommended to wash your car immediately after each rain, you could save a lot of money by washing your car by yourself or taking it to a drive-through car wash
5) Having your car coated could be a good idea. Having a ceramic coating applied to your car may significantly reduce the amount of water stains it sustains. A car’s paint can be protected from future fading and made easier to clean by applying a protective coating.
Please share and include your preferred car-washing technique for preventing water stains after a heavy downpour. Special thanks to Borneo and others…

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